I Gotta Get Outta Here!

Mundanity – Yes, its a word.  I looked to make sure that I could take mundane to a whole new level of meaning.  

the condition or quality of being mundane; mundaneness. an instance of being mundane : one of the mundanities of everyday life. (Dictionary.com)

How else might someone describe it?  Stuck. Bored. Waiting. Wanting. Frustrated.


It got me thinking, something only becomes mundane when I've had a taste of something that is exciting, passion-stirring, and hope-filled.  For example, my world was just fine when I used to enjoy a milk chocolate candy bar, until I dared eat a square of dark chocolate - from that moment forward, milk chocolate was not enough.   Ultimately, it's a judgment - you live with the mundane or you change.

Situations don't usually begin as mundane.  At one point, it may have been the greatest thing ever - but we're not static beings; we learn and grow out of our current situations all the time. It begins with allowing ourselves to ask, "What if..." and once that question goes out to the heavens you can start packing for an amazing journey. That daring thought about something new can unfold to the point where it would be absolutely ridiculous if you DON'T pursue it! 

I gotta get outta here!"

Readiness for stepping away from mundanity and actually stepping away are very different.  In readiness, we can continue to complain and blame others for how bored we are.  We might override some of our frustrations by "selling out" for a predictable routine.  To step away requires courage to explore something without really knowing if it will bring about what we've been yearning for.  If it doesn't, we have only ourselves to blame - but what if it does? 

This yearning is one of the reasons that people will come to me as a coach.  Their interest gets sparked in something new and they've gone round and round with the pros and cons, advice from friends and loved ones, and maybe even a Magic 8-ball.  "Should I start a business?" ... "Signs point to yes."

Are you there?  Have you thought about a coach to push you and open new doors in your old thinking?  Coaches are there to ask questions that no one else might be asking you, to hear patterns in your language and experiences and point them out as a place where you might want to be more curious.  They encourage you to set your sights on what you really want, and call bullshit on your pity party.  (I can say this because my coach has done that to me - numerous times).

You can invite a coach in at any point of your examination of (or escape from) mundanity.  The best next step is to initiate a conversation with a coach about their approach and philosophy on partnering with you.  Then get ready, cuz milk chocolate ain't gonna cut it for long.


Beware of monotony; it's the mother of all the deadly sins."   - Edith Wharton