You're Not Going to Discover the Perfect Spot to Find Your Passion.

There is no place on earth that will provide the perfect circumstances for us to discover our passion and true sense of belonging. We’ve been indoctrinated with the idea that it will be revealed if we find that perfect job, that amazing cause, that welcoming group, that motivating book, or that enlightening quest. In our longing-filled search for our passion, we take assessments that put us in categories, we compare ourselves to others, and strive to become a person that the world tells us is “successful.”  We cross our fingers and wait in vain for the clouds to part and reward us with rainbows, happiness, and bliss.


But before you become discouraged, know this: that passion and sense of belonging exists within you. Right. Now.  It’s a bit like spending an hour looking for your eyeglasses and then finding them atop your head.  

How do you peel back the layers to your core and live it?  Here’s the funny thing, your passion is such a natural part of what you do it can be hard to name – unlike the things you “should” do or even hate to do – we can name and complain about those all day! When you are operating in your groove-flow-passion it's as intuitive as breathing; time flies and it's natural.

Over the next few blogs, we’ll work to reveal your passion.  For now, I’ll give you this homework: take some time to look back over your life – yes, all the way back to childhood (note: while undeveloped, this is where you might find some of the purest examples of your passion).  List four or more times when you did something 1) that you were proud of doing, 2) thought you did well, and 3) felt a sense of accomplishment.  This could be as simple as building a fort or as complex as writing a scientific textbook.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else thought – others may never have even realized you did something!  It may have been in good or tough circumstances – but when you were doing it, time flew by and you were in your groove.  Let’s put those lost glasses on and get some clarity. Enjoy!