Looking beyond your walls

Think of your personal problem solving and goal setting as a field – it might be green and lush or it might be full of weeds – and this field is lined with a stone wall.  In places it’s low and you can see over it to get an idea of what’s beyond; in some places its high and you’re unable to see the possibilities on the other side.  Now, don’t get me wrong, your field is a great place to be; it’s served you well, but that damn wall keeps getting in the way when you want a glimpse beyond it.

Woman looking over wall.png

Here’s the game changer.  What if someone were on the other side of that wall, and approached you as a friend and partner? Someone who initially can meet you at the lower heights of the wall, to work with you on gradually removing the wall – question by question, stone by stone until something new is revealed to you.

And maybe you become curious about breaking down some of the taller sections of the wall – it’s heavy lifting and challenging work, but another opening invites you to look into the distance to things that you never even dreamed of.

That person who meets you at the wall can be anyone, but a coach is specifically trained in removing the walls with people who are ready to have a whole different view.

Where have you been hitting your wall?  Balancing life, family, community, work? A habit or tendency that is preventing you from entertaining the possibilities? Maybe a fear about something that seems too risky but you know could make your life better?

A coach will meet you at your wall, shake hands over it, and have a conversation about whether or not you’d like help to remove some of those stones.  You'll wind up with a clearer view of YOU.