A Fresh View of You.

Balanced life coaching rooted in the knowledge that you have all you need within you.

You are ready for a new way of belonging.

  • You want to get out of the rut of conforming to others' definitions of how you should be.

  • You're at a place in life where you're ready to cast away the old and enter into a new challenge.

  • You have a bold idea that you want to make a reality, but aren't sure how to do it.

  • You seek to grow, but know that it can't be in the current or traditional setting.

  • You want greater balance with life activities and work, but always seem to be chasing that needed "me time."

  • You want to live your "purpose," but wonder how that's possible.

  • You know you're capable of a higher level of professional and/or personal performance, but wonder, "What's next?"


“If you’re ready to step away from the mundane, make a change, and dare to dream, you need to connect with Dr. Julie! She is there to ask you questions that nobody else is asking, to look for your patterns, and help you get to the core of how you operate. She leads you to discover your passion, your purpose and truly partners with you to help you understand how you can best achieve your goals!”



“Julie's coaching pushed me, challenged me, and helped me break open my old ways of thinking so that I could create, commit to, and sustain changes in my life.”

- coaching client