One-on-one coaching for your individual exploration.


Individual coaching is a 1-to-1 engagement contracted by you when you're ready for personal transformation.  While each coaching engagement is unique, there are some common steps that they share.

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FVC Core Values and Approach

  • Integrity: to approach each coaching engagement with a commitment to trustworthy service
  • Growth: to believe in the strength of exploration; to be and do better than before
  • Wisdom: to honor the cumulative experience that is a part of who we are becoming

In my life coaching practice, the aim is to provide a confidential and client-directed engagement guided by your desire for a fresh view on your life and purpose. I commit to providing you with a valuable experience that leads to your successful outcomes.    I collaborate with you as you explore aspects of your successes and hindrances in a development relationship. Our engagement is rooted in my belief that you have what you need within you; our work as a dynamic duo is to reveal your hidden potential.

As we work together, it is important for us to have a mutual design and understanding of the coaching relationship. By entering into this engagement, you and I agree to discuss and follow a process that will yield significant progress and change in your life: I, as the coach, will provide a confidential and authentic interaction guided by your desired goals; you, as the client, agree to be willing to grow, change, and develop lifetime competencies that can continue to be implemented beyond our coaching relationship.

Our Engagement

After we've talked and agreed that I can be of value to your journey, you will choose how you would like to proceed over a three to 12-month period.  Our partnership is shaped by your aims; each session will be an exploration of what's important to you.  Some people like to spend a series of sessions in one area, others appreciate the opportunity to work on "sub-topics" that are pressing.  Before wrapping up the session, we'll discuss what you'd like to learn or actions you'd like to take before our next time together.

Your Investment in Yourself

Your potential is worth it. Because this is an investment in change and transformation, 4 hours is the beginning step of commitment.  We will design together how you would like to spread those hours out over an agreed upon time period.  After our Curiosity Conversation and mutual decision to move forward, coaching packages of at least 4 hours may be purchased.